All of our staff have reached level B2 or better in English on the CEFR scale, meaning they are fluent in English. Furthermore, our staff is highly-educated and highly qualified. Some of them even have master’s degrees. Our staff is available to work during the US work day, but they can also work after hours. Since Poland is between 6-9 hours ahead of the US, our after hours are their preferred shifts. This means no more struggling to find undesirable shifts and keeping the building open all night.

Convey your vision with absolutely no ambiguity. Our staff can travel to the US for one-on-one training and onboarding with your organization. That gives them the opportunity to see your office culture, learn your values, and understand your mission. Not looking to do that for every employee? Bring in one of our designated in-house trainers and personally teach them the job functions. After two weeks, they will return to our Poland location and train and manage their team. Communication is always open with your trainer so they can accurately pass along any updates to the team.

What’s the point in outsourcing if you still have to do all of the work? At AmeriPol, we handle all of the Human Resources elements required for hiring and maintaining employees. We provide organizations with embedded employees that are part of your team. However, if issues arrive, we can take care of disciplinary actions. Furthermore, we will handle their payroll, sending you a monthly invoice for their services.

By utilizing outsourced staff, companies can save money on employee wages because of the different pay rates expected in Poland. Typically, overnight positions call for higher hourly wages, but the overnight shifts in the US are premium shifts for Poland employees. Furthermore, you’ll save on the recruiting and onboarding expenses associated with new hires. Space won’t be an issue for you since we have a gorgeous building overseas for employees to work.